I have a lot of things to do.
I have limited time in which to do them.
I have limited energy in which to do them. I have mental and physical energy.
I can recharge those energy pools at the cost of time.
I have limited funds.

I must prioritize my things to do, so I must know how important and how urgent they are.
I must know what purpose or goal they serve.
I must have goals and purpose.


Goofus and Gallant


Adam Banks is the best player on the Mighty Ducks team, yet he has never boasted about it, never used it against anybody. He originally played for the best peewee hockey team in the area, but it was found that there was an error and that he should actually have been on the Ducks' team the whole time. His father was outraged and said Adam would rather not play, but clearly Adam felt differently. He shows up in the Ducks' locker room and endures their scorn because he just wants to play hockey. You never see him whine that he has to switch from the best team to the worst team. Incidentally, in every single movie, the team becomes handicapped at some point from Adam getting taken out. D1, D2 had him getting deliberately fouled by the opposing team. In D3, he gets recruited to the Varsity team despite being a freshman.